Remy fights spirited Japanese GP race to take 19th

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Following a rainy Saturday in Motegi which saw the schedule slightly disrupted, everything went back to normal today as the sun was shining over the Mobility Resort Motegi for the Grand Prix of Japan.

Remy took a decent start to his Japanese GP and stayed within his starting position. He settled in his Grand Prix with a good race pace, although a bit behind from the front group, which allowed him to gain massive experience today. Towards the end, Remy and teammate Raul had a little battle in good memory from the past Moto2 season.

No points were scored today, but both KTM riders provided a solid race, considering that it was their first time on a MotoGP bike on this layout they had not raced since 2019, in addition to the reduced track time overall this weekend. They will now head to Buriram, Thailand for the third and final race of the ongoing MotoGP triple-header.

Remy Gardner

“I gave my 100% today in the race. I was on the limit all the time and it was a tough one. We lacked pace, grip, braking, I was not comfortable with the front tyre so I did what I could today. Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira were fast today. They gain time over us on braking and acceleration at straight line speed, so I am struggling to understand why: we are being told that we have the same materials as them, but I really struggle to believe this. There is no way that I can do what they are doing with the bike I am given, otherwise I will crash. Other than that, we had a good fight with Raul towards the end over the final lap until the final line so it was good fun in memory of last season.”