Remy sets to work at Brno as second half of 2017 season gets underway

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Remy Gardner undertook a confident start to proceedings at the Brno circuit, and after a tricky wet morning session, where he unfortunately fell, the young Australian made solid progress in the dry FP2 practice.

He was unlucky to see his best lap time cancelled due to exceeding the track limits in the final moments of the session, yet the positive performance leaves him fully charged for tomorrow.

Remy Gardner
“It was a tricky first day back, but there are positives to be taken. I had a crash in the wet morning session as I wasn’t feeling completely perfect on the bike and then on the last lap, I was pushing and it spun up and flicked me over the handlebars. I hurt my ribs a bit but luckily nothing is broken. We had a dry FP2 session yet, the bike did not feel the same as last time, so there’s some work to do. To be honest, even though the result is not fantastic, we are pretty close and we just need a bit more. It should be a decent weekend regarding the weather and we hope it stays dry, but for now, it’s time to work and regroup so that we can be ready for tomorrow.”