Remy pushes hard in Le Mans qualifying and ready to race for points

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Remy Gardner pushed relentlessly today to seize a starting position on the 8th row of the grid for the French Grand Prix as he continues to recover from his ankle injury.

The young Australian grit his teeth before finishing with a time that was 0.546 behind Vierge and tomorrow he hopes to fight for his first championship points of the season.

Remy Gardner
“It was tricky, but the qualifying wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I managed to improve my riding a lot. We are only 1.2 of a second back from the front, which is good, but I think we definitely made a decent step forward in this session to get my confidence back up. Unfortunately, I made a mistake on my final lap, which would have been strong, but I was pushing a bit too hard and I ran wide so I nearly tucked the front. This is a shame, but the big day is tomorrow and I’m sure that the long and hard race will give me what I need to get back into the swing of things. Still, I’m quite happy overall and I will give it everything that I have got in the GP.”